6 Common Errors to Avoid When Naming Your Personal Website for Your Beauty Business

When you are naming your personal website, many beauty direct sales companies will provide their consultants with personal websites. These are great tools to allow you to take web orders and help recruit new team members.  It’s also common for these company-provided consultant website addresses to contain the parent company name and then also your own unique name, such as yourcompany.com/whateveryoupick or whateveryoupick.yourcompany.ca.

Example: www.youravon.com/jodiemichelle

It’s the “whateveryoupick” portion of your website that is important to discuss. Don’t just pick a name willy nilly. But rather, put some thought into it. Below are six common errors when naming your beauty direct sales business website:

1. Double letters immediately next to each other – such as ss or tt. For example suziesscents or supersmartteam you’ll lose people who never know if it’s one S (or T) or two.

2. Nontraditional spellings – kandles, jewlz, kitchn, etc. These are almost always used when the proper spelling is already taken. If fancypants.com is already registered by someone else, and you really, really wanted that name, so instead you opt for fancypantz.com you will likely be sending people to the proper spelling site – which is probably your competitor. Most customers won’t remember the odd spelling. They’ll go to what is natural.

3. From a SEO (search engine optimization) perspective- some suggest to use dashes and dots such as mamas-home-business-advice.com because you’re hitting on keywords. This may or may not be advisable from a search engine perspective, but from a marketing perspective you should avoid the use of dashes and dots in your website name. Anytime you need to explain the address and clarify that it’s a dash or underscore, or dot, you’ll lose people. They want a short or memorable name.com.

4. Don’t use your consultant ID#- No one remembers it, but more importantly it should be guarded as you would your own social security number. That is the number that you may need to login to sites or when you call your corporate office they may ask for your ID#. To avoid identity fraud and the possibility that someone can pose as you to change your account in any manner, don’t publish that number to anyone.

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5. Anything that requires you to explain- If you can say “it’s mycompany.com/whateveripicked” then most will be able to go there without problem. Pick something that is easily memorable so they can go to it later, without the need to write it down for future reference. Whereas if you have to say – it’s “Leann with no ‘e’ ” “for you” with the number 4, or “Dianne with a two ‘n’s’ “ basically anything that needs ‘fine print’ for someone to easily find you should be avoided.

6. Think of what message are you sending and whether it portrays a professional image- For example if you’re in the candle business, smell and odor aren’t typically positive words. Similarly, stay away from personal interests or hobbies – yourcompany.com/yumyums or yogaqueen.yourcompany.us won’t be taken seriously.

So what if you want to change the name of your website because you may have committed one or more of the above errors, but your business cards have the old address? Your choice, but you may want to throw those out too. Your poor naming conventions could be costing you business that you can’t continue to afford to lose.

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