"Are you ready to Start and Grow Your Own Beauty Business, make money, become debt free, spend money on the things that you love, save for your future, start your side hustle?"

The one area that really seems to stump new beauty business entrepreneurs is how to get started.

  • Trying to decide which step to take first, to get you where you need to go can be so frustrating!
  • It's true no matter what your business model, but service providers have a particularly difficult time with it.
  • This is where beauty business coach training can help fill in where you need it the most.

Question's I am often asked:


You've just begun a new business as a direct sales beauty consultant, or service provider such as a lash artist. Perhaps you have zero clients, or maybe You've got a few clients, such as your friend, aunt, mother or someone else who just wants to help you out.  Work is humming along well, you're busy, sometimes even overwhelmed (we'll get to that issue in a later email), but you're making a a little extra money to pay bills, so you're happy. All your work time is spent on other people's skin care needs, though, leaving little time for your own work, and none at all for going out to find new business. 

Of course, your schedule is full, so why would you want to be seeking out new work anyway?  Your thinking that you have enough on your plate and cant handle anything else.

Because at any time, one or more clients might just stop needing you. Maybe they stopped paying attention to their beauty routine, found some else to sell them the products that they want, or tried a new brand and yours just isn't on their radar anymore. Then what will you do? 

This is exactly the situation many beauty business providers find themselves in - and it's a bad spot to be in, let me tell you. Suddenly the money has dried up, and since you haven't been doing any marketing to get new clients, you don't have anywhere to turn for work.

The answer is to (ABM) always be marketing - not actively soliciting new clients when your schedule is full, but at least staying in touch so when you lose a client you have a way to gain another quickly. One of the best ways to do that is to build your email list. Then, when the inevitable happens, you have a list of people you can email in an instant to say, "Hey, I have a new product available - who needs a little TLC?"

Remember, you need to spend some time every single day working to market your beauty business. If you don't, it will eventually stop working for you, and you'll end up right back at the beginning again. 

Remember - There is no such thing as too busy to build your business and live the life that you want!

Beauty Business Coach Love

Since my first trip to the store with my mom to buy my first eye-shadow, I was hooked on beauty products. It seems like I have tried everything that has ever been made in the beauty industry, from skin care to lipstick.  And I'm not alone. This is a multi BILLION $$$ industry and still growing. 

There has never been a better time to break into this business and carve out your own piece of the beauty business pie.  

Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, you can never stop learning and experimenting with marketing techniques to build your list and grow your own niche in this exciting business.  

Even if you only have 10 minutes a day, you can do this!  It wont be easy, but nothing ever is that is worthwhile.  It has taken me many years to learn how to market online and offline, and I still feel like a beginner sometimes when I am learning something new.  It just goes with the territory of growing.

Let me help you grow in this business. Together we can make this happen for you.

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